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    The CDH Hotel is a truly eco-friendly hotel in Bologna which follows a green philosophy that protects and defends the environment that surrounds us. Understanding the world around us is in line with the CDH group’s vision which is borne out by the use of particular types of products.

    The CDH Hotel uses Lucart Professional EcoNatural products, an ecologically friendly line that is made out of Fiberpack, or raw materials obtained from the recycling of cellulose fibres that are found in beverage cartons. From this process, we are supplied with towels, toilet paper, tea towels, single use cloths, kitchen towels, napkins, tablecloths, place mats, bags for towels and refreshing wipes.


    Choosing the CDH Hotel means you will be able to enjoy a really sustainable holiday in Bologna thanks to the use of products that avoid tree felling, contribute to the reduction in CO2 emissions and give a new function to materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

    The products that are used in our hotel have an Ecolabel certification. This means that they have been sourced in accordance with environmental protection criteria that have been established by the European Union. These products are obtained by separating the cellulose fibres from polyethylene and aluminium by a physical process that does not involve the use of substances that are harmful to humans.

    It is a process that provides us with ecological products that are distinguishable by their specific and easily recognisable light Havana brown colour. These are products that respect the environment and also safeguard our health!