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    The CDH is a hotel that is easily accessible for disabled guests that is located just a few kilometres from the centre of Bologna and is equipped with rooms that have been specially designed to accommodate our disabled guests, without any architectural obstacles.

    There are 4 rooms in the hotel that have been specially designed to welcome disabled visitors, guaranteeing them maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The rooms are large, spacious and light and have been furnished in a modern style with designer furnishings in elegant lines.

    The size and management of the space available as well as the arrangement of the furniture, will ensure that our disabled guests have complete freedom of movement, including those who need to use a wheelchair. The bathrooms are equipped with hand-rails and a shower with a folding seat so that our disabled guests can be independent and can enjoy complete freedom of movement in total security.


    The CDH Hotel with its specially adapted rooms, is a point of reference for disabled guests who are visiting Bologna. This is also thanks to the hotel’s overriding philosophy which is to ensure the perfect optimization of space and the environment. In fact, the communal areas are also very spacious which means that everyone can enjoy ease of movement around the hotel. This is particularly in evidence in the lobby but also in the breakfast room and in the Bistrò which can always move the tables and chairs around to accommodate a wheelchair and provide freedom of movement for our disabled guests.

    In addition to the above, there is also private outdoor parking and sidewalks fitted with a ramp so that access to the hotel’s ground floor does not require climbing any steps.  The same applies to the breakfast room and the meeting rooms on the ground floor and the hotel is equipped with sonic and visual fire alarms and connection to the garage is via an elevator.