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ONO arte contemporanea presents JACK WHITE: American Roots a photo journey inside the life and career of one of the…


Singer-­‐songwriter, record producer, multi-­‐instrumentalist John Anthony Gillis, a.k.a Jack White, is best known for being the frontman of the band White Stripes, founded in 1997 together with his wife Meg White, from which he took his surname. The band imediately stood out for its alternative sound that mix garage-­‐rock and early american blues. Son House, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn are a few names that had an heavy impact on the band's musical background along with the punk sound of band such as MC5 e and The Stooges, from their same hometown Detroit.

At the same time Jack White has always stated that his first inspiretion was nothing less than Bob Dylan, which White admires so much to consider him his putative father.

All this elements contribute to the deep roots that White has in the American culutre and which he follows also in his instruments, effects and distortions choice, making him a symbol of the modern American music.

But Jack White also gained the media's and public's attention due to not less important visual elemnts: in each and every of his public apparences, in every album cover and in every live performance, he choosed for the band a strict usage of the colors white, red and black for the clothes, the stage elements and the instruments as well. White also used this color blocking usage of colors in his solo career and in the collaborations with his other bands (The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather), switching red with blu.

This is why Jack White inspires so many interantional artists and photographers which shooted him not just as a magazine star but as a fine writer and composer with a magnetic persona.

The exhibition runs from June the 19th until September the 14th 2014. It includes 45 photos by Cambridge Jones, Patrick Pantano, Ewen Spencer, Kevin Westemberg, Andy Willshare and Peter Van Hatten. It has the patronage of Bologna City Council. Sponsored by DC Shoes and Compagnie des Hotels, Sonos and Third Man Record. Deezer, the revolutionary global music service with a catalogue of 30 million tracks, is partner of the event and will follow the photo show with a dedicated playlist: Furthermore, on Deezer, you can discover Ono Arte gallery official profile: 

ONO arte contemporanea with the cooperation of CDH My One Hotel Bologna


Certificate of Excellence


Discover Bologna

A tour between taste and history
A walk back in the city's history admiring Medieval towers and historical monuments which watch over and protect the city.

The historical centre of Bologna is rich of important Medieval, Reinaissance and Baroque artistic monuments, therefore, it has been qualified by UNESCO as the largest in the world.

Furthermore a tasty journey to discover the wine and food culture of Bologna, through the traditional flavours that made it world-fomaous.

Discover history, charm and taste of the magic BOLOGNA with CDH My One Hotel Bologna


Skunk Anansie @ Bologna


March, 20th  |  Bologna - Italy
Teatro Manzoni

Following the international success of Skunk Anansie's first ever live album & DVD (An Acoustic Skunk Anansie Live In London), we are delighted to announce that the band will be hitting the road in March 2014 to tour acoustically, for the first time, at some incredibly intimate venues throughout Europe.

Disabled hospitality

Hospitality for disables without obstacles
Compagnie Des Hotels welcomes to disables Guests, ensuring best comfort during their stay, thanks to the absence of architectural barrieres and obstacles and thanks to the presence of appropriate equipment in all areas of the hotel.

CDH My One Hotel Bologna has:
·      Outdoor parking reserved
·      Outdoor sidewalk with ramp
·      Entrance of the hotel at ground floor without steps
·      Elevators fitted in accordance with the law
·      Wide corridors fitted in accordance with the law
·      Width doors fitted in accordance with the law
·      Bathrooms fitted in accordance with the law
·      Access to the breakfast room and meeting rooms on the ground floor without steps or obstacles
·      Fire audio and visual signals which facilitate the sense of direction
·      Access to all environments of the hotel
·      Elevator from the garage to the hotel

Staff will be at disposal for the disabled Guests for any assistance, giving priority for check-in/check-out and, on request, provide room service breakfast and free parking in the garage.

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Mille Miglia

La corsa più bella del mondo 15th - 18th May 2014

It all happens during a long, exciting weekend in May.

Only the cars selected from the models which took part in the original race can participate to Mille Miglia, with teams coming from all over the world. Thursday afternoon the cars leave Brescia, heart of the Mille Miglia, and arrive in Padova for the first overnight stay. The next morning they leave for Rome, passing San Marino and L'Aquila on the way. On Saturday they depart for Bologna, where they stay overnight before embarking on the last stretch to Brescia on Sunday morning, where they will be enthusiastically welcomed home for the prizegiving celebrations. The Mille Miglia will take place from 15th to 18th May 2014.


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Early Coffee

CDH My One Hotel Bologna reserves a mini breakfast starting from 4.00 am to whish you  a good flight and…

CDH My One Hotel Bologna
reserves a mini breakfast
starting from 4.00 am to whish you 
a good flight and a happy day!

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